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Mirko Viglino was born in 1980 in Rome where he still lives, he works in the family business and as a freelance photographer. He graduated in 1999 as an aeronautical air traffic controller and achieved the Commercial Pilot Licence. His passion for flying is developed through the achievement of the qualification for aerobatic flight and the continuation of studies for obtaining the license of airline transport pilot. In 2003 due to force majeure he joined the family business taking care of management, research and marketing. In 2012 discovered that photography can be a wonderful excuse to better understand his surroundings, the engine behind his passion is fear and the desire to understand through the act of photography situations that will turn him away instead. Find the unexpected and the absurd in everyday life of the people who is living around us is the basis of his research. In 2013 attended a photojournalism master at ISFCI in Rome, in 2014exposed his work EMF (electromagnetic field) at 001 Gallery in Rome, Honorable mention at Fotoleggendo 2014 for EMF. In 2015 attended the WSP masterclass by receiving a scholarship for his work.