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EMF - electromagnetic fields

“Is something or someone here with us? If so, we would like to be given a sign. Maybe you could light this gadget up in my hand. We are not going to hurt you;we don’t want to harm you or to be harmed by you.” In pitch darkness, Cristian switches his torch on and o at lesser and lesser intervals, obsessively checking the electromagnetic eld detector k2, to be certain that its glimmers are due to no eld test on a cellular phone, though none of us has a phone switched on and we are far from residential areas. Trying to prove the existence of the supernatural through purely natural means may seem to be far-fetched but is the only way to gain solid evidence and to counter claims of being ad hoc – of changing the approach from moment to moment, from place to place and from night to night. In the dead of night you can sense even a whisper or the faintest sound or step. Night is all-enveloping but leaves you feeling exposed, because if the supernatural really exists, you have no way of hiding from it. Ghost-hunters have looked everywhere in following every legend and country saying and even their intuition, some being psychic and some satanic. They hope that a door to the ‘other side’ may have been left ajar and that something may have emerged. They are trying to answer a question posed by us all. We shall never find proof of life after death. The most we can hope for is to find no logical explanation for something odd happening in front of our very eyes, though in 50 years’ time the phenomenon may seem fairly straightforward like the lighting up of a torch when a switch is pressed.


EMF - electromagnetic fields

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Honorable mention Fotoleggendo 2014
WSP masterclass scholarship