“The most frequent weak points in man are, from time to time, always the same: pride, money, and lust.”
(Gabriele Amorth)

In 2001, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, then prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - the maximum Vatican authority after the Pope - issued a canonical law which forbids any video, audio or photo recording of the rite of exorcism that had just been updated. Any recording is prohibited: before, during and after the sacred ceremonial. This choice, by his words was taken to end the abuse of the media in such dramatic situations that involve desperate people that do not respond to their own actions during the exorcism. In addition, some pseudo-exorcist without any notification (Every exorcism has to be notified to the bishop) and without any competence in the field have caused irreparable damages to the victims by exposing their problem to the public.. By this law emulation and suggestion phenomena are avoided and privacy is guaranteed to the people involved. Furthermore, this rule restored sacredness to the rite of major exorcism. This rite is in fact only a public prayer of the Church that involves the whole authority of the Church that invokes the name of Jesus to set free one person, an object, a place or an animal from the power of the Evil.
In January 2013 he began to document the rite of the exorcism respecting this law issued in protection of the owners and their families; With the help of a disciple of Father Amorth (considered the most authoritative exorcist in the world until the day of his death on September 16th 2016, and founder of the international association of exorcists), I was guided through this thousand-year old practice being able to attend many exorcisms both as a spectator and as an active member of the prayer group supporting the priest.
I was welcomed by the Marian association A.M.A.R.L.I.S. founded by C.D.V. together with Father Gabriele Amorth (01.05.1925 - 16.09.2016) with the guidance of the exorcist Bishop Andrea Gemma (07.06.1931 - 02.09.2019)
This association deals with the support of the needy both physically and economically, helping on a spiritual level, dealing with the spread of the word of God and the messages of the Blessed Virgin Mary through catechesis. its members were very active also through a prayer group, in support of the exorcist priest during the liberation ceremony, the association is also keeper of some miraculous relics whose effects helped the faithful and the possessed.
The process of liberation through the rite of exorcism, the conversion and spiritual accompaniment can last years, during which the possessed can receive exorcisms even daily, depending on the severity of the situation. Father Amorth has been availing himself of the advice of doctors and psychologists to exclude any type of psychopathology that requires conventional treatment, psychotherapy rather than pharmacology.
Problems of a diabolical-preternatural order and problems of a clinical or psychic nature may occur at the same time, both must be treated with different skills and treatments, since one does not exclude the other. So the doctors deal with the body and the psyche and the exorcist takes care of the spiritual realities. Once the nature of the problem has been ascertained, the priest proceeds with the rite of exorcism.
At the end of his life, Father Amorth refers to having practiced over 100,000 exorcisms; During his activity in Rome and until the forces allowed him, he has been performing exorcisms from early morning until late night.
The Vatican registers about half a million people held by the Devil each year, 20% of which are adolescents.

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